Marsaxlokk fishing village of Malta

Jesús Martínez

European traveller, I love to discover new places and share my experience to my readers. My big passion is to travel everywhere, I do not care about the distance and destination, north,south,east or west, I just want to travel. Also you can read me in my spanish blog

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3 Responses

  1. Pedro says:

    Such an interesting village. It seems so peaceful and the food made me hungry! Regards!

  2. What a delicious fish! I’m hungry! I eat fish in Marsaxlokk too! The best in Malta:-) Nice blog and beautiful pictures! Regards!

  3. Thank you for the comments.

    @Pedro Yes, very interesting this village, the best place to eat Lampuki, no doubt!!!

    @maltagozo Wooww! .pl, I love Poland :d. Welcome to our blog, we want to give you more quality post, I’ll publish more about Malta :). If you can read in spanish in our other blog you can read more post about Malta :)

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